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In This Issue:

Joining Forces: Coalition of CRLU

MUAHS Guild 2018 Awards: Photo collage of ceremony  

Mindhunter: Profiling sociopaths for a living

Star Trek: Discovery: Processing an alien universe

A Wrinkle in Time: Out-of-this-world looks 

Henry Danger: Crazy “Kids Show” characters

Strange Angel: Challenges of a period show 

The Greatest Showman:  Making promo magic

The Artisan is the official quarterly publication of the Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Guild, IATSE Local 706. This exclusive craft publication is not available on newsstands and is not for the general public. 2,500 copies are printed each quarter and are mailed directly to every single guild member, with bonus distribution to various entertainment and beauty industry personnel. The recipients of The Artisan represent the working union Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists in film, television, commercials, theater, videotape and digital media. These creative artists determine what makeup and hair products and services will be used on a production for all actors, actresses and special effect characters, and in turn, influence millions of consumers with their choices.

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