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First Advanced Hair Styling Class

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Tena Parker

The First Advanced Hair Styling Class held at IATSE Mixed Local on Sunday, June 12, 2016, was made possible by the efforts and dedication of IATSE Mixed Local 665 and Local 706 members. Thirty-three attended classes on the Importance of Blocking a Wig Properly, Lace Wig Application, Importance of Working with the Make-Up and Wardrobe Departments to Create Characters, Set Etiquette and Challenges of Being on Location.

Local 706 retired member Bunny Parker and member Tena Parker (Hawaii Five-0 Department Head Hair) shared their skills and knowledge.





Mike Mosher’s Bald Cap Class

Tym B.

Michael Mosher bald cap class Jessica deBen Polish April Chaney 7.10.16
Michael Mosher in bald cap class with Jessica deBen Polish and April Chaney.


Hair Macramé

Croc Professional styling and treatment tools hosted hair macramé classes in August. Visit Croc24.com/local706 for special offers. 


Croc Professional


hair macrame